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Kids Dance Classes

During our dance season, we offer over 100 weekly dance classes (Monday to Saturday) in a vast array of styles for dancers ages 2 – teen. Whether your child is a beginner or experienced dancer, they can find the right class at our studio.

Adult Fitness & Dance Classes

Adults dance too! We love to see adults staying active and doing what they LOVE, so we have created fitness and dance classes just for you.

Hourly Studio Rentals

We know that great rehearsal space for dance & theater companies is limited and hard to find. We provide hourly rentals of our dance rooms for use by verified dance & theater companies, and also certified instructors wishing to offer adult fitness classes, such as Zumba.

The Wonder & Excitement of Dance

At Miss Maria’s School of Dance your child will be exposed to all the wonders, excitement, and joys of dance. Our philosophy is to provide a safe and nurturing space where children feel comfortable to learn and express themselves through dance. Our dance instructors are highly-qualified professionals who are passionate about their craft and genuinely care for each student. We focus on developing long-term relationships with our students and help them curate their own personal journey through dance always having fun along the way. We are a recreational dance school offering classes for students ages 2 to teens in:

Creative Movement • Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Hip Hop • Contemporary • Lyrical • Modern • Pointe

Saturday 10:15 – 11:00 am Teeny Dancer Ballet for ages 3 and 4
Saturday 11:30 – 12:30 pm Musical Theater Jazz for ages 10 to Teen

Other Classes Still Accepting Enrollments:
Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30 pm Teen Hip Hop
Thursday 4:00 – 5:00 pm Ballet for ages 8 to 10
Saturday 9:15 – 10:00 am Hip Hop for ages 6 to 8
Saturday 10:15 – 11:15 am Hip Hop for ages 9 to 12
Saturday 11:30 – 12:30 pm Ballet/Tap for ages 5 to 6

If you aren’t sure which class your child will like, feel free to schedule a trial class for only $10.

In an effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and our staff, we have implemented several new safety standards pursuant to Governmental guidelines and restrictions. Please click here to view our Covid-19 Control Plan.  Our new safety standards are to be adhered to and followed by all our employees and customers as a part of normal business operations, until otherwise advised by our Governmental and Health officials.
UPDATE: Parents are encouraged to drop-off their children for dance class and run errands rather than linger in our waiting room to help us not exceed the 40% capacity restriction.

Kid’s Dance Classes

We offer over 100 weekly classes in creative movement, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, modern, and lyrical for children ages 2 through teen.

Summer Dance Program

We offer various types of summer programs based on age groups, so there is something for everyone! Our Summer programs run through July and August.

Adult Classes

Adults dance too! We love to see adults staying active and doing what they LOVE and so we have
created classes just for you.

Hourly Studio Rentals

Great rehearsal space is hard to find. We provide hourly rentals of our dance rooms for use by verified dance & theater companies, and also certified instructors.

Customer Reviews

Miss Maria's has given us a beautiful new space to dance our joys and renewed hope in a pandemic! The studio is amazing - many huge, mirrored dance rooms complete with barre, sound system, and air purifiers! Every room is sanitized between use. There is hand sanitizer and wipes everywhere. Many bathrooms and even dressing rooms! There are cubbies to store belongings while in class. The staff is completely professional and lovely. And what a location! Conveniently located between Best Buy, the RMV, Joyful Garden Chinese restaurant, and Target in the Watertown Mall! There is plenty of parking and things to do for everyone! So many cool classes (including ZOOM)! An awesome family oriented studio. Check out the website and get your family dancing! 💗
Ann Tomblin
Ann Tomblin
Maria hosted our daughter's 3 year old birthday party here and it was perfect. The location is excellent, the space is wonderful and Maria and her team did an amazing job of keeping the kids entertained and stimulated. Highly recommend!!
Martin Potter
Martin Potter
We joined Miss Maria's School of Dance, years ago when our daughter was only 3. At that time, we looked for a school that offered strong training and a positive attitude towards teaching. What we got was that and so much more. We got a school that emphasized the pure enjoyment that dance brings to our lives, a strong and loving community, and highly talented teachers who pay attention to how our children learn and what they need to succeed. Our daughter is now 9 and our son is 6. They both dance at MMSD and are fortunate to have these wonderful role models in their lives. I highly recommend Miss Maria’s! It’s been nothing short of awesome!
Madhabi Mistry
Madhabi Mistry
FIVE STARS!My daughter is starting on her 7th year at Miss Maria's School of Dance. I can't say enough positive things about this studio. There is a family friendly feel to the studio, but also a professionalism that allows dancers to develop, improve and master their skills.I never have to wonder if my daughter is in the appropriate skill level as the instructors take care to match students with class levels that challenge the student, but don't alienate or frustrate them. They care about the development of skills, techniques and self esteem and want all their students to flourish.Miss Maria and her instructors are outstanding. They are truly devoted to the dancers and their families. Their knowledge of dance style, form and technique is top notch and they do more than just teach dance, they model compassion, strength, courage and determination. My daughter is not the only one benefiting from attending classes here; I am benefiting by being a part of the this remarkable community. Parents and care givers are just as amazing as the studio. It really is a one of a kind place. The studio even gives back to the community through a number of events throughout the year. The friendships, confidence, physical and emotional strength my daughter has gained from this dance studio is priceless. I highly recommend this studio. It even offers adult yoga classes. What more could you ask for?
Mis Clearwater
Mis Clearwater
I cannot say enough good things about MMSD! The talented teaching staff does a fantastic job nurturing their students and ensuring each of them feels welcomed and special, regardless of whether they are a recreational dancer or a member of the dance team. In the 7 years my daughter has been a MMSD student, she has grown from a shy dancer to one who is confident and loves to perform on stage. Personally, I have loved the adult classes. They have been a fun way for me to stay in shape and develop my own love of dance. As a result, I’m not sure who has more fun at MMSD - me or my daughter! We are so glad we found this amazing studio.
Tina Mongiardo Brisson
Tina Mongiardo Brisson
Miss Maria's School of Dance has been a great experience for my children as well as for us as parents. Miss Maria truly cares about the experience the children have. Initially, one of the attractions, was that she did not require a full year commitment which anybody with younger kids knows how quickly kids can change their preferences . Later I learned this was to encourage kids that want to be there and avoid situations where kids do not want to be there. I also believe Miss Maria cultivates the right balance of fun and rigor at each age. As a parent, I want my kids to get better and learn new skills in a fun and nurturing environment and Maria and her teachers seem to strike the perfect balance. Finally, I find Maria organized and thoughtful which always helps everything run smoother. She is always thinking of ways to improve the studio and the experience of all involved. Having experienced other studios, I think Miss Maria does a fantastic job and highly recommend her studio.
Diego Hammerschlag
Diego Hammerschlag
Were do I begin??? How do you put into words how thankful you are to have such an amazing dance school for your girls to go to?? My girls have taken a variety of classes over the 8 years we’ve been with Miss Maria’s. They’ve done ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and acro hip hop. They’ve had different instructors for these classes, each one just as excellent as the next. The teachers are encouraging, supportive, fun, and talented. One of my daughters has some health concerns/issues and these teachers have been so aware of these issues, and have gone above and beyond to accommodate her needs while supporting and pushing her to give it her all. Maria and her staff are very involved in the community and are always giving back. They take in interest in their students and their families and are always there to give extra support when needed. This dance studio is special. It’s been a blessing in my opinion and I would totally recommend it to anyone without hesitation.
Kimberly Blinn
Kimberly Blinn
Maria is amazing person , I love
RonildoeJuliana Depaula
RonildoeJuliana Depaula
Beyond Excellent. More than five years now. Love the school and everything about the school. Period.
Drs Mita N Ujjal
Drs Mita N Ujjal
Miss Maria and her instructors are so friendly and professional. You cannot be in better hands!
Gene Holmstead
Gene Holmstead
This is such a wonderful studio! The teachers are the best, and Maria is a sweetheart.
Erica Broomfield
Erica Broomfield
Hi My name is Rosemary DeSalvatore and I have had my granddaughter dancing with Ms. Maria for 4 years now. We just love Ms. Maria, her caring, her warmth, her enthusiasm with all the children. My granddaughter has quite the bond with Ms. Maria and I myself and my daughter and our entire family just love her. She has been nothing but kind and professional. I have never ever ever heard anyone saying anything bad about Ms. Maria. We feel if someone has a problem with Maria then they should look at their behavior or their child's behavior. Ms. Maria and all her staff are the greatest. When my daughter was little I wish there was a Ms. Maria then instead of some of her dance instructors. Sometimes as adults we need to take the blame for our own actions and stop trying to place the blame where it doesn't belong. Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself, if Ms. Maria is so bad, why are all these comments so great about her and her studio? Some people need to grow up. Ms.Maria, we will be with you as long as Natalia wants to dance. Rose
Rosemary Desalvatore
Rosemary Desalvatore
We absolutely love it here!! Both my girls have been dancing now for three years. I have found the instructors to be patient and respectful of the children as well as there families. With regards to a previous review, when an email is sent out reminding parents to keep an eye on their children while in the studio, it should be received as just that, a reminder. If damage was done to your home, you would want to know about it, wouldn't you?? The studio is no different. Miss Maria is an exceptional teacher, one who loves what she does and who she does it with. She is professional, respectful, caring, and loving. She is a role model for her students and is a very fair and compassionate business owner.
Kimberly Blinn
Kimberly Blinn

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