Birthday Parties

Miss Maria’s School of Dance would be thrilled to host your child’s birthday party!

Our birthday parties include princess parties, hip hop parties, pop star parties, toddler parties, and many more themes or styles based on your child’s interests and requests. They are 90 minutes long and allow up to 14 children. The fee is $250.

For all of our birthday parties, we do all the set-up and clean-up and lead all the dancing and games in Studio A. Our studio’s dance props are for use by guests while dancing & playing dance games, including hula hoops, scarves, ribbons, wands, maracas, and our giant parachute. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and take lots of photos of your child having the time of their life.

As a part of the birthday party, you provide:

  • Any food that you plan to serve (some families have pizza delivered, others go with only snacks and cake; morning birthdays usually include breakfast treats/fruit; it’s completely up to you on what you’d like to serve at your child’s birthday);
  • Drinks (usually either small water bottles or juice boxes);
  • Birthday cake or cupcakes with knife and candles/matches. We do not have a freezer so we do not recommend ice cream unless you are able to keep it in a cooler that you bring with you.
  • All necessary paper and/or plastic products including plates, cups, napkins, and utensils. You may drop off paper products/decorations in advance or you may arrive 30 minutes prior to event. We use one long table and two end round tables, so we recommend purchasing paper/plastic table cloths for them.
  • Any favors that you plan to distribute to the children at the conclusion of the party.
Our birthday parties at Miss Maria’s School of Dance are structured according to the following timetable:

  • Children arrive, place gifts in a designated area and jackets/shoes in cubbies near the restrooms, and are welcomed into our dance room to hula hoop and dance as the other guests arrive.
  • Once the majority of guests are present, we begin our party dances (generally hip hop but we will include other styles if requested).
  • Dancing is interspersed with games such as freeze dance, musical hula-hoops, hot potato, limbo, parachute, etc. We adapt the party based on age of guest of honor and the mix of their guests (boys/girls).
  • After the first 30 minutes or so, we direct the children to lobby for lunch/snacks; and then return to Studio A for more dancing and games. Once we reach the hour mark, we bring the children back out to the lobby for birthday cake or cupcakes that you provide.
  • Generally, this will take us to the end of the party, but if there are a few minutes left, we allow the guests to re-enter the dance room for more dancing.