Combo Classes

(Ages 5-6)

After the initial introduction that our students receive in Teeny Dancer Ballet/Tap, we increase the time spent in tap so that both styles are taught in 30 minutes allotments. This also provides enough time for our students to learn more technique in each style and then perform two dances: ballet & tap in our June recital. We review all concepts, technique and terms during the first few weeks of class, so even children new to dance will be on the same footing as our students who previously took Teeny Dancer Ballet & Tap. The ballet portion of class includes stretches, center barre work and classical positions & steps that will then be combined into across the floor work and combinations. In the tap section of class, we work on rhythm, musicality, and learning the basics of the style. Our classes are interspersed with free dance, fun activity songs & dance games keeping the children engaged and having fun while learning.

Ballet/Tap or Ballet/Jazz
(Ages 6&7 and 8-10)

We expand the combination class offerings starting at age 6 to provide dancers with more options. We know kids love to explore & try new things and these classes provide just that! The classes are an hour-long and each style is taught in approximate 30-minute allotments. Children get to perform dances in each style at our June recital too!

(Ages 7-10)

These 90 minute classes are ideal for kids who have that extra energy to burn off for an hour and a half. Each style of dance is taught in approximate 30 minute allotments and are great for the more recreational dancer whose other extracurricular activities limit their ability to attend hour-long technique classes multiple days a week. Parents also love the flexibility these classes provide, helping ease their busy schedules. Ballet includes barre work & across the floor exercises to help with poise and posture; tap explores various sounds & rhythms to help with musicality; jazz incorporates isolations and stretching to help with flexibility. Dancers will learn the basic concepts, core steps and technique for each style and will get to incorporate them in shorter combinations that taught throughout the dance season. Plus, they will learn three different dances to perform in our June year-end recital.

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Welcome to our dance family! We are excited to have you share in our love and passion for dance.

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Welcome to our dance family! We are excited to have you share in our love and passion for dance.
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