Dress Requirements

All dancers are required to wear proper dance attire to class. For your convenience, we sell ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, leotards, tights, and other dance clothing and accessories at our studio.

All Classes

HAIR: Shoulder length or longer hair must be tied back neatly in a ponytail or bun for all classes except hip hop.

SHOES: Students are not allowed to enter the dance room with street shoes. If appropriate dance shoes are forgotten, then student must dance barefoot. If a parent or family member needs to enter the dance room, they must remove their shoes before entering.

CLOTHES: Appropriate dance attire must be worn according to the guidelines below. Layers are only permitted in cold weather months, and must be removed once the body is warmed up so that instructors can view proper body alignment.

Ballet Classes

Girls may wear any color leotard and tights. Leotards with attached ballet skirts, or separate tutus or wrap skirts are fine. Boys may wear comfortable pants or shorts and solid colored tee-shirts. Pink ballet slippers for girls and black for boys. No baggy clothes allowed.

Tap and Jazz Classes

Capri pants, dance shorts (with tights) or dance pants can be worn with any color leotard. Black jazz shoes should be worn in jazz class, and black tap shoes in tap class. No baggy clothes allowed.

Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern & Acro Classes

Any color leotard, worn with either footless, convertible or stir-up tights. Dance pants/capris/shorts/leggings may be worn over the leotard and tights. If wearing foot undeez, they must be nude. Students may also dance barefoot. Form fitting dance clothes only.

Hip Hop Classes

Sweats and loose fitting comfortable clothing may be worn in hip hop classes only. We permit two styles of sneakers in hip hop class: Vans High Tops or Low Tops (black with white details) or the Converse Chuck Taylor High Top or Low Tops (black with white details). Velcro or zip-up versions are fine. Hip Hop sneakers must be treated like all other dance shoes and changed into when the dancer arrives at the studio. Wearing sneakers from the outside tracks in dirt and slush (when raining/snowing) so we require students to change into their sneakers at the studio.

Not Allowed

NO GUM! Jeans are not allowed in any class. Outside street shoes, food and gum are never allowed in the dance rooms.