Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Online at beginning Saturday, June 1 at 8:00 am. Please be sure to click on the correct recital show time when purchasing your tickets online. Tickets are assigned seats and ticket purchases are non-refundable. You may also purchase your tickets at the studio in Great Hall beginning on Saturday, June 1 at 9:00 am and assuming we do not sell out, you may also purchase your tickets leading up to the event and at the door the day of the recital. Please note that many seats in the first few rows will already be sold prior to June 1. The reason for this is that each year, 25 to 30 families need to attend more than one recital show since they have children performing in more than one show. Since they have to attend two shows and purchase tickets for two shows at $13 per ticket, we provide them with the courtesy of selling them their tickets prior to when we open ticket sales to others who only attend one recital show. Families who need to attend more than one show have already been contacted by our studio.

Recital DVDs and flowers will be sold by outside vendors at the recital. Order forms for DVDs are available at our studio and will also be available on recital day.  Please click HERE for more details about our DVDs. There are no pre-orders for flowers but the vendor will have more than enough bouquets available for sale at the recital. For images of flowers and more information, please click HERE. A portion of the proceeds from flower sales will be donated to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in memory of Sandy Jones, Miss Amanda’s mom.

Costume payments are non-refundable and are due in full in prior to costumes being ordered in January. Costume price ranges are as follow:

    1. Teeny Dancers: $55 to $65 per costume
    2. Single-style classes: $65 to $75 per costume
    3. Two-style combination class: $75 to 85 per combo costume
    4. Ballet/Tap/Jazz combination class: $85 to $100 per trio costume

Adult & extra-large child size costumes may be more expensive than the prices noted above.

If I change my mind and after January decide to not have my child dance in the recital can I return their costume and have my money refunded?

Costume refunds are not available under any circumstance including but not limited to injury, illness, moving, dismissals from dance class due to behavior, excessive absences, and/or excessive tardiness, or unenrollment. We do not ship out costumes and any costumes not picked up by the last day of dance for the specific dance season become the property of our studio.

Costumes are selected by the dance teachers, approved by Miss Maria, and are yours to keep after they have been paid for in full. We order costumes in January and charge parents for the total costume(s) cost in January. Binders of all costumes by class will be on display at the studio beginning in April.

Despite our best efforts, if your child is enrolled in more than one dance class, they may perform in more than one recital show. We also cannot guarantee that siblings will perform in the same recital show. If a child is in multiple shows and/or siblings are in different shows, then we will notify you by March 1 allowing for over 3 months of ADVANCE NOTICE. We also provide you with the courtesy of purchasing your recital tickets for both shows prior to June 1, which is when we open sales to all other dance families. This will guarantee that your seats will be within the first 10 rows of the auditorium. Moreover, we will not charge you the cost of 2 tickets for the second show, and enrolled siblings who may be in different shows will not be charged to attend the second show.

A TV monitor that streams the dance recital will be housed in the staging area so the dancers typically sit around the TV and watch the show until it is their turn to perform. Additionally, the younger dancers remain occupied with crayons and coloring books that Miss Maria provides them. Many parents pack snacks for their children as well as drinks that they keep with them back stage.

Any parent whose child has severe nut/tree-nut allergies is required to remain with their child back stage.

There are over 100 children back stage per show and we cannot guarantee that dancers will bring only nut-free snacks plus the venue is not a nut-free zone so there may be remnants left behind from other individuals not affiliated with our studio.

We seek mom volunteers that will stay with their child’s dance class during the recital backstage but will still have the opportunity to see their child dance on stage. Responsibilities include assisting with bathroom visits, keeping the class together, and getting the dancers ready when it is their turn to perform, including assisting with quick shoe & costume changes. Please click here for more details about backstage volunteers.

We seek to make our dance recital experience as positive, safe, and enjoyable as possible. In order to do this, we need volunteers to help with various tasks. All volunteers are required to arrive 30 minutes before show time, which is the same time that dancers performing are expected to arrive.

Exceptions include: toddlers who will sit on an adult’s lap without obstructing the view of another audience member; dancers participating in the recital; and family members who volunteer as helpers. Volunteer sign-up sheets are available at our studio beginning in May and designated volunteers are given badges to wear on the recital day.

Our recitals are reasonably short – approximately 1 hour & 30 minutes for our first 3 shows, and the last show is 2 hours. We allow our students/families to leave after they have performed on stage. However, students leaving early will miss out on the Grand Finale dance performance that occurs at the end of each recital show. Also, if they are receiving a trophy, the trophy will be presented to them in class the following week after the dance recital. Dancers in our last show of the day, which is the longest, may sit in the rear of the auditorium to watch the performance after all their dances are completed. They need to remain in the back of the auditorium as we will need to easily get them to return to the staging area when preparing for the grand finale.

In the past, we did not run our rehearsals like the recital show(s). However, starting in 2018, we will be running our dress rehearsals in recital show order, by show.


Tickets are $13 each and are required for anyone attending the show and requiring a seat, including senior citizens. Toddlers may sit on a parent’s lap as long as they do not obstruct the view of the audience member sitting behind them. If a toddler is seated on a lap and does not require his/her own seat, then a ticket does not need to be purchased for the toddler.

Participation in our dance recital is voluntary but highly encouraged (Creative Movement students are not in the recital). The majority of our students perform in our year-end recital and it is usually upwards of 99% participation rate. If you decide to NOT have your child participate in our June recital, please notify Miss Maria BEFORE January 1, 2019 to allow for proper planning concerning costumes and choreography. We actively discuss performance skills and the recital in dance class in order to prepare our students for the big event. Moreover, costume measurements and fittings occur during dance class so children not participating in the recital will still see the costume.

Make-up is suggested, but it is not required. We respect a parent’s decision as to whether or not you would like to put make-up on your child. However, if you do, then we recommend blush and lipstick as stage lights are bright. Older students often wear mascara and eye shadow too.

Online ticket sales through Brown Paper Tickets will begin on June 1 at 8:00 AM. Tickets can also be purchased in our studio during our normal business hours. Please note that tickets are assigned seating so the better seats typically sell out more quickly. Also, since we provide families who need to attend more than one recital show the benefit of purchasing their tickets first, many seats in the first few rows will already be sold prior to June 1.

During our dress rehearsal, a family member must stay with our younger dancers to help with shoe/costume changes, unless the dancer is old enough to do their own costume and shoe change. During the recital, we will have plenty of pre-determined backstage volunteers assisting with costume/shoe changes. Backstage volunteer sign-ups occur at our studio in May.

Girls must have shoulder-length or longer hair pulled back in a neat bun. Buns are preferred for girls for all ballet, tap, and jazz dances. Ponytails are recommended for hip hop dances. Unless otherwise instructed, hair needs to be away from the face and neatly done. At times, costumes include hair accessories too. Dance teachers will let you know which side the hair clips should be placed prior to recital date. It is also common for our instructors of our older students to have different hair style suggestions for those dancers and those will be communicated in advance of the recital and dress rehearsals.

Students remaining until the end of their recital show are invited to participate in our grand finale dance, which is followed with a presentation of trophies based on a number of years of dance experience. For any student not participating in the recital, trophies will be provided during our last week of classes in June. This also applies to students who may leave the recital prior to the trophy ceremony, and to our creative movement students.

Rehearsal is the only chance to stand up and take photos and/or videos of your child on stage. During the recital, everyone must remain seated. Holding up iPads, Smart Phones & cameras from your seats is disruptive to the audience members seated behind you and not permitted. We do not allow individuals to stand in the aisles with tripods. Aisles are used by our dancers during the recitals so they must remain clear at all times and this rule is strictly enforced by our ushers. Will have a profession videographer working on recital day and you may purchase recital DVDs from them. We also arrange for a special picture day, where an outside photographer will take professional dancer photos of your child. For information about picture days, please click HERE. Please note that if your child attends an age 2 Creative Movement class, they will not be in the recital, however, you can still have photos taken of them.

Yes, dancers may use bathrooms and dressing rooms will be available for our older dancers who have multiple costume changes during the show. Dancers must arrive dressed in costume and ready to perform.  Dances will not be held for anyone who is running late and we require that all dancers arrive at the venue 15 minutes before their scheduled dress rehearsal time and 30 minutes before their recital time.