Our dance studio is temporarily located at the Girl Scouts Camp Cedar Hill in Waltham, while our new home at the Watertown Mall, 550 Arsenal Street (former Registry of Motor Vehicles location) is under construction.

AUGUST 2019 – The Watertown Mall, 550 Arsenal Street, in the former Registry of Motor Vehicles
Due to our new dance school build-out & relocation during the Summer of 2019, we will not run a Summer Dance Camp Program this year. However, we hope to have several drop-in Summer Classes during the latter part of August at our new studio.

Our formal dance season runs from September through June with a voluntary recital showcase in June (3 to 4 shorter shows in one day on June 8, 2019 so you do not spend your entire day at the recital). Tuition is paid monthly so you do not have to commit to the full 10-month dance season from September through June. If your child loses interest in dance, you relocate, or some other situation arises causing your child to no longer continue attending dance class at our studio, all we ask is that you send us an email notifying us of un-enrollment from dance class. Upon receipt of un-enrollment, future tuition payments will no longer be due. Refunds are not available for prior tuition payments. However, once your child is formally withdrawn from attending dance class at our studio, you are no longer required to pay monthly tuition. Please note that you cannot freeze your child’s enrollment during the course of the dance season as continuous, uninterrupted attendance is key for success. If you do unenroll from dance class, you will not be permitted to attend make-up classes when officially unenrolled. Dancers can only make-up missed classes while they are an actively enrolled student at our studio.

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Activity Waiver

A signed Activity Waiver & Release/Indemnification Agreement (“Waiver”) is required for any student taking dance lessons at our studio. In addition to safety issues covered by the Waiver, it is also your acknowledgement that you have read and agreed to our Studio Policies. Copies are available at our studio and will be emailed to you along with our Waiver as a part of your welcome package.


If you have questions about placement, please email or call:


Duration Per Week * 8th Dance Season Monthly Tuition *
45 minutes to 1 hour/week $60
 1 hour 30 min/week $80
 Up to 2 hours/week $100
 2 hours 30 min/week $120
 Up to 3 hours/week $140
 Up to 4 hours/week $180
 Up to 5 hours/week $220
 Up to 6 hours/week $250
 Up to 7 hours/week $280
 Up to 8 hours/week $310

Tuition Details

Monthly Tuition

Our monthly tuition rates detailed above are for our formal dance season that runs from September through June. They are not further discounted for holidays or student absences. Dancers can make up missed classes due to absences and holiday closings while enrolled at our studio. If tuition remains unpaid or a student has formally unenrolled from dance class, they can no longer make-up past missed dance classes. Tuition rates for our Summer Programs are different from those noted above and can be found on our Summer Programs page. Families may pay tuition on a monthly basis, due on the first day of every month. If you un-enroll from dance class (by sending an email to our office and receiving an email confirmation of un-enrollment from our office), then future payments of tuition are no longer due. We do not expect you to continue paying monthly tuition if you have formally withdrawn your child from dance class. However, all payments made to our studio prior to un-enrollment, for tuition (including Summer classes), registration, dance attire/shoes, and recital costumes are non-refundable.

Registration Fee

A $25 non-refundable annual registration fee per family is required at registration in order to secure a student’s spot in dance class. We do not charge a registration fee for our Summer Programs.

When your registration form and payment have been received you will be sent an email to confirm enrollment.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Checks and Cash. We can automatically charge a credit card each month — just let our office know that you are interested in our monthly auto-pay program.