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A $25 non-refundable annual registration fee per family is required at registration in order to secure a student’s spot in dance class. We do not charge a registration fee for our Summer Program.

When your registration form and payment have been received you will be sent an email to confirm enrollment.

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All the information you need, in one place! Tuition information, pricing, payments and forms.

Our monthly tuition rates are for our annual dance season that runs from September through June.

Tuition rates for our Summer Programs are different from regular classes and can be found on our Summer Programs page.

Tuition for our annual dance season is paid for two months at a time, in advance and is non-refundable.

You do not have to commit to the full 10-month dance season from September through June. However, payments are made for two months at a time and made on or before the following dates: September 8, November 1, January 1, March 1, and May 1.

If your child loses interest in dance, you relocate, or some other situation arises requiring you to un-enroll your child from dance class, all we ask is that you notify our office in writing and future tuition payments will no longer be due.

However, all payments made to our studio prior to un-enrollment are non-refundable. This includes past tuition payments, registration fees, competition fees, and, purchases of dance attire, dance shoes, and recital costumes.

Our tuition rates are not further discounted for holidays or student absences for any reason including illness, vacation travel, or injury.

We do not provide “freezes” on tuition. If your child becomes injured, tuition is still due and they are expected to observe class until a medical professional clears them for active class participation.

If you take an extended vacation during the dance season but expect to have your child’s spot held in their dance class and available upon your return, then tuition is still due. However, we highly discourage extended absences from dance class, especially prior to our June recital.

Dancers cannot make up missed classes and refunds or credits are not provided for missed classes.

Monthly Tuition

Our monthly tuition rates are for our annual dance season that runs from September through June. Tuition is paid for two months at a time and is due on the 1st* of every other month (*starts on the 8th in September only). Enrollments for ZOOM only classes are at 75% of tuition amounts noted to the right.

Dance Classes Per Week* Monthly Tuition
1 class per week $55 per month: 45 min class; $65 per month: 1 hour class;
$75 per month: 75 min class;
$85 per month: 90 min class.
2 classes per week $110 per month**
3 classes per week $160 per month**
4 classes per week $210 per month**
5 classes per week $260 per month**
6 classes per week $310 per month**
7 classes per week $360 per month**

*Classes are per student; not by family.

**Add $15 per each 75 minute class, per month and/or $25 per each 90 minute class, per month.



We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Checks and Cash; however, all customers are required to have a valid credit card on file with us and sign up for auto-pay. If paying by cash or checks, payment must be received BEFORE the tuition due dates of 9/8, 11/1, 1/1, 3/1 & 5/1. If payment is not received by the due date, then we will automatically charge your credit card on file.

After you’ve registered…

We ask that you please review our Studio Policies before signing the Activity Waiver. The waiver must be signed before your child can begin classes.

Studio Policies

Dance class is educational and fun, however, an important part is developing an attitude of discipline and respect for teachers and fellow students. We trust that following our classroom etiquette will provide an environment whereby classes at Miss Maria’s School of Dance (“MMSD”) will be a pleasure for all concerned. Please read the policy completely before signing the activity waiver.

Activity Waiver

A signed Activity Waiver & Release/Indemnification Agreement (“Waiver”) is required for any student taking dance lessons at our studio. In addition to safety issues covered by the Waiver, it is also your acknowledgement that you have read and agreed to our Studio Policies. Copies are available at our studio and will be emailed to you along with our Waiver as a part of your welcome package.

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