Dance class is educational and fun, however, an important part is developing an attitude of discipline and respect for teachers and fellow students. We trust that following our classroom etiquette will provide an environment whereby classes at Miss Maria’s School of Dance (“MMSD”) will be a pleasure for all concerned.


  1. A signed Activity Waiver must be on file with Miss Maria’s School of Dance (“MMSD”) for all students taking dance lessons at our studio.
  2. We offer two seasons of dance classes at MMSD. Our Formal Dance Season runs from September through June. Our Summer Season is July and August.
  3. A non-refundable $25 annual registration fee per family is required at registration for our Formal Dance Season.
  4. Important dance school news will be included in our newsletters and emails to parents. Please be sure to add our email addresses: and to your address book. Payment receipts and announcements regarding studio closings due to weather come via our online management software: We also share news of studio events on our FaceBook and Instagram pages (@MissMariaDance).


  1. Dance class tuition is based on the number of hours of class a student is enrolled in. Please refer to our Schedule of Tuition Rates for prices.
  2. Tuition for our Formal Dance Season is paid for two months at a time, in advance. The two-month payment periods are: September/October, November/December, January/February, March/April, May/June.
  3. All customers are required to keep a credit card on file with our office. MMSD automatically charges your credit card for any outstanding balance on the first day of every two-month period noted above.
  4. If you prefer to pay tuition by cash or checks, payment must be received BEFORE the tuition due dates. If payment is not received by the due date, then we will automatically charge your credit card on file.
  5. If a credit card is declined, you will receive an automated email informing you of this. It will include instructions on how to update your credit card information online.
  6. Any declined credit card must be resolved within five days, otherwise your child’s enrollment will be cancelled. You are responsible for updating the studio with any changes to your credit card date and billing information, home address, phone numbers, and email addresses.


  1. All payments made to our studio prior to un-enrollment, including unused pre-paid tuition payments, are non-refundable. These include: registration fees, competition fees, purchases of dance attire, dance shoes, recital costumes & recital tickets.
  2. You may cancel your child’s enrollment prior to the conclusion of the Formal Dance Season, which is in June. However, past tuition payments, including the registration fee, will not be refunded even if there is a portion of unused class tuition remaining.
  3. Class cancellations must be done in writing to: & upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation email from our office. At that point, all future scheduled tuition payments will no longer be due.
  4. Our tuition rates are not further discounted or refunded for studio closings (please see our Studio Calendar for scheduled closings), holidays, snow days, or student absences for any reason including but not limited to illness, vacation travel, family commitments, or injury.
  5. We do not allow freezes, pauses or holds on tuition and we strongly discourage extended absences. If you take an extended vacation during the dance season and expect to have your child’s spot held in their dance class and available upon your return, then tuition is still due.
  6. If your child becomes injured, tuition is still due, and they are expected to observe class until a medical professional clears them for active class participation.
  7. Consistent attendance is very important for children to progress at our studio and excessive absences or tardiness will result in a student’s unenrollment from their dance class.

We allow students to make up the occasional missed class only from September through February. Starting in March, too much time is spent on recital routines which are specific to each class, so we do not allow any make-ups to be scheduled from March through June.


  1. If our dance school is forced to temporarily close due to local town, state or federal orders related to a Pandemic, each dance teacher will continue to offer their specific dance classes online. As such, tuition payments will continue to be charged to you during this period.
  2. If local town, state, or federal capacity restrictions are mandated due to a Pandemic, students will no longer be allowed to attend make-up classes for missed dance classes. Any imposed restrictions may also impact our ability to allow parents inside our waiting area.

Face masks are optional at our dance school; however, this is subject to change based on local town, state, or federal orders and/or mandates. If face masks are imposed and mandated at our dance school, then we will communicate that to you via email. You may cancel your child’s enrollment; However, all past payments will not be refunded.


  1. Street shoes are not allowed in any dance room. Students may only enter with their dance shoes or barefoot. Parents/families must remove their shoes before entering any dance room.
  2. Dancers are encouraged to bring water bottles to dance class and keep them in their cubbies while dancing. Food and gum chewing is never allowed inside a dance room. Jeans are never allowed to be worn for dance class.
  3. We request that students wear appropriate dance attire and dance shoes to class. This includes any color leotards and tights. Ballet skirts, tutus, and leg warmers are acceptable. We also allow form fitting athletic attire such as leggings and tanks. Loose clothing is only permitted in hip hop classes, but we require clean, new hip hop sneakers in class that have not been previously worn outside. Long hair must be neatly pulled back in a ponytail or bun.
  4. Other details include:
    1. Creative Movement Toddler Classes – Dance attire is not required, and toddlers may wear any comfortable clothing that they can easily stretch and dance in. We encourage that they either dance barefoot or wear ballet shoes. Socks can be very slippery on the dance floors and are not permitted unless they have grips.
    2. Hip Hop Classes – Loose clothing, such as sweatpants or basketball shorts, is permitted in hip hop. Shoes must be Converse Sneakers (black with white soles) or Van’s that are also black with white soles. Sneakers can be low-top or high-tops but must be clean and never worn outside. They are to be carried in a bag and changed into when the dancer arrives at the studio.
    3. Modern & Acro – Dancers must participate barefoot, leotard and footless/convertible tights, dance shorts/leggings
    4. Lyrical, Contemporary – Dancers may wear half soles or dance barefoot, leotard and footless/convertible tights, dance shorts/leggings
    5. Ballet – Pink ballet shoes for girls and black ballet shoes for boys; leotards and tights are required, ballet skirts recommended
    6. Jazz and Tap – Only black shoes are permitted, leotard and footed or footless/convertible tights, dance shorts/leggings
  1. You will be advised if we feel, for any reason, your child is not adjusting well to our dance class environment. In cases where a student is dismissed due to behavior issues, the portion of paid tuition (if any) that has not yet been used will be refunded. However, registration fees and any expenses paid toward past tuition, dance shoes or attire purchased at MMSD will not be refunded.


  1. We host a dance recital at the conclusion of the dance year on the second Saturday in June. The annual dance recital is a way for the dancers to showcase all that they have learned throughout the year.
  2. All students, except for our youngest 2 year old Creative Movement students, perform in the recital. However, if you have a scheduling conflict with the recital date, please let us know by January 1 if your child will not perform in our June recital.
  3. Our dance teachers, together with Miss Maria, determine the recital costume that is required by class. Costume color and design decisions are made by MMSD and not our customers.
  4. We do our best to keep recital costume costs affordable by avoiding pricey costume companies. We select costumes from discount retailers such as Amazon, Target, Old Navy. We also avoid any sizing issues by emailing links to our customers of the determined costume and have you order them direct from the vendor. When possible, we also utilize everyday dance attire t(such as leotards and ballet skirts) that students can wear again in class; and we have also had students search through their closets for attire they may already own for specific themes/colors.
  5. Our goal is to keep recital costume costs down for our customers!
  6. Tickets are sold separately for any family members (including parents) attending the recital. The dancers performing in the recital do not purchase a ticket.
  7. To keep our recital shows short and manageable, and to not restrict the number of tickets allowed per family, we have multiple shows in one day. We will communicate to you by April 1, which recital show your child will perform in. We cannot guarantee that dancers who are enrolled in more than one dance class will only perform in one show. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that siblings will perform in the same show.

In cases where a family is required to attend more than one show, we will provide two free tickets to the family, but all other tickets needed by the family will have to be purchased at the full price cost.

Covid-19 Procedures & Protocols

Face masks are optional but subject to change based on local town or governmental mask mandates.

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