Dance class is educational and fun, however, an important part is developing an attitude of discipline and respect for teachers and fellow students. We trust that following our classroom etiquette will provide an environment whereby classes at Miss Maria’s School of Dance (“MMSD”) will be a pleasure for all concerned.


1. Our academic dance year is approximately 10 months, beginning in September and ending mid-June. Our calendar of studio events and closings is available on this website and is posted in our studio. We follow the Watertown Public School’s System decision to cancel school due to inclement weather and communicate it via our social media sites, our website, by Email and on our voicemail.

2. A signed Activity Waiver (“Waiver”) must be on file with MMSD for all students taking dance lessons at our studio.

3. Street shoes are not allowed in any dance room. If a parent wishes to enter a dance room to speak with an instructor, their shoes must be removed before entering. Students may only enter with their dance shoes on or barefoot.

4. Consistent attendance is very important for children to progress at our studio. Excessive absences or tardiness will result in a student’s dismissal from their dance class. There are no refunds for children un-enrolled from dance class due to excessive absences and/or tardiness. We do not permit “freezes”, “holds” or “pauses” in attending dance classes for any reason, including but not limited to extensive travel or injury.

5. Important dance school news will be included in our newsletters and emails to parents. Please be sure to add our email address: and to your address book to ensure our emails are received. Please be sure to provide an active email address to our front desk and update us accordingly with any changes. If you choose to “Opt out of Emails” via the registration process or on any of our mass mailing tools, then you run the risk of missing critical studio information and announcements. You will also no longer receive automated email receipts of payment.

6. You are responsible for updating the studio with any changes to your credit card date and billing information, home address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Proper Dress Code and Etiquette

7. ALL CLASSES: Shoulder length or longer hair must be tied back neatly in a ponytail or bun. Sweaters and other warm-up clothing should be removed after the first few minutes of class in order for the instructor to assist with proper body alignment. Any loose-fitting clothes that fall over a dancer’s face and/or interfere with the dancer’s class participation especially when performing illusions, turns, leaps, acrobatic and tumbling skills may cause injury. Dancers may bring water bottles into the dance rooms, but food is not allowed. Gum chewing and jeans are never allowed. Everyone, including parents, must remove their outdoor street shoes before entering a dance room.

8. We request that students carefully observe our dress code detailed below. Dance attire and shoes may be purchased at our studio.

a. Ballet Classes – Girls: Any color leotard and tights. Tutus, wrap/ballet skirts, dance shorts, and/or leg warmers may also be worn. Boys can wear plain shirts with shorts or dance pants. We require pink ballet shoes for girls and black for boys.
b. Tap & Jazz Classes – Dancers may supplement their leotards and tights with leggings, dance shorts, or dance pants. We require black jazz shoes and black tap shoes. Shoe styles can include buckle, boot, or tie.
c. Hip Hop Classes – Dancers may wear comfortable clothing that they can easily dance and stretch in. Admissible hip hop sneakers are either the black with white soles Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high top or low top sneaker; or the Vans Old Skool or SK8-Hi.
d. Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Acrobatics Classes – Leotards with either convertible or footless tights. Leotards also be worn with dance shorts or leggings. Students may participate barefoot or wear nude foot undeez or half-soles.
e. Creative Movement & Toddler Tumbling Classes – Dance attire is not required and toddlers may wear any comfortable clothing that they can easily stretch and dance in. However, leotards, tutus, tights, are all fine too. We encourage that they either dance barefoot or wear ballet shoes. Socks can be very slippery on the dance floors.

9. Students are required to arrive to class on time. If arriving more than 10 minutes late, then please arrange for a make-up. If a student is excessively late to class, then Instructor may not allow student to participate in class and if a student is repeatedly late to class, then they will be dismissed from the class for the remainder of the dance season.

10. Preschool children may need a parent’s attention from time to time for various reasons including bathroom breaks or behavior issues. Please do not leave the waiting room when young children are in class without informing the dance teacher or having another parent responsible for your child during your absence.

11. You will be advised if we feel, for any reason, your child is not adjusting well to our dance class environment. In cases where a student is dismissed due to behavior issues, the portion of paid tuition (if any) that has not yet been used will be refunded. However, registration fees and any expenses paid toward past tuition, costumes, dance shoes or attire purchased at MMSD will not be refunded.

12. We schedule Open Class Demonstrations throughout the dance season where families are invited into the dance room to take photos and video of their children participating in class. These generally occur during Halloween Week, December Year-End week, and our Last Week of Dance Classes in June.

Tuition and Other Participation Fees

13. Past tuition payments are non-refundable. If you choose to unenroll your child from dance class before the end of our season, we ask that you notify our office in writing and upon confirmation of notice, future tuition payments will no longer be due. However, registration fees, tuition for workshops & our summer dance program, dance shoes/attire, competition fees, event fees, costume payments, and recital tickets, are all non-refundable.

14. We do not allow freezes, pauses or holds in enrollments during our dance season: September through June. If you choose to take time off due to extensive travel or any other reason, then your child should be unenrolled from dance class for the remainder of the season. Monthly tuition payments will not be discounted or canceled due to absences or injury; and, stopping and later rejoining class during the dance season is not permitted. It will hurt the student’s progression in class and also disrupt the class as a whole. Dance is a team sport!

15. Although our dance recitals in June are voluntary, the majority of our students participate in them (except for our Creative Movement, Mommy & Me Tumbling, and ballet technique teen and team classes). Please notify our office in writing before December 31 if you child will not perform in our June recital. All recital costumes are ordered and charged in full during the month of January, and if you are on auto-pay, your credit card will be automatically charged for the cost of the recital costume.

16. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, checks and cash for all payments.

17. A $25 annual registration fee per family is required at registration. Our Summer Dance program does
not require a separate registration fee.

18. Our monthly tuition rates are posted on our website and due the first day of every month. A late fee of 10% of the tuition outstanding will be charged to you if tuition is not paid by the 15th day of the month.

19. Monthly tuition is not discounted or reduced for holidays, school vacations, absences, injuries, or class cancellations due to inclement weather days. For all tuition payments made by cash, please enclose it in an envelope noting student’s name on the envelope. You will be charged a $20 return fee for any bounced checks.

20. We offer students missing class due to illness, vacation or studio closings to make-up dance classes by attending a comparable or lower level class. Dance classes can only be made-up while the student is actively enrolled at our studio. If a student has withdrawn from dance class and/or not paid tuition,
then make-up dance classes are not permitted.

21. There are no waivers/refunds for tuition if a dancer is injured and cannot actively participate in the dance class. They are still expected to attend & observe class. This will help the injured dancer to remain apprised of the class progress and any choreography taught for recital, competitions or other performances. A doctor’s note is required indicating that the student has been cleared by a medical professional to rejoin his/her dance class.

Dance Recital

22. Participation in our dance recital is voluntary but highly encouraged (Creative Movement, Mommy & Me Tumbling and Ballet Technique Team & Teen classes do not perform in the recital). For all other students, please notify our office in writing by December 31 if your child will not be in our June recital. Please note that we actively discuss performance skills and our year-end recital in dance class to prepare our students for the big event. Moreover, costume measurements and fittings occur during dance class.

23. Our recital and dress rehearsals will take place in June and dates are communicated on our Studio Calendar.

24. Despite our best efforts, if your child is enrolled in more than one dance class, they may perform in more than one recital show. We also cannot guarantee that siblings will perform in the same recital show. If a child is in multiple shows and/or siblings are in different shows, then we will notify you in advance. We also provide you with the courtesy of purchasing your recital tickets for both shows prior to June 1, which is when we open sales to all other dance families. Moreover, we will not charge you the cost of 2 tickets for the second show, and enrolled siblings who may be in different shows will not be charged to attend their sibling’s show.

25. ONLINE ticket sales will begin on June 1 at 8:00 AM on Tickets are $13 each and can also be purchased in our studio during our normal business hours beginning on June 1st. Tickets are assigned seating and are required for any audience member. Exceptions include: toddlers who will sit on an adult’s lap, dancers performing in the recital and parents who volunteer as back stage helpers.

26. Dress rehearsals will be held at the recital venue during the week leading up to the event.

27. Costume payments are non-refundable and are due in full when costumes are ordered in January. Costume price ranges are as follow:
a. Single-style classes, including Teeny Dancers: $50 – $60 (Adult size and extra-large costumes can be higher, between $60 – $75)
b. Two-style combination class: $75 – $85
c. Ballet/Tap/Jazz 90 minute class: $100 – $125

We make every effort to reduce costume expense by having older students sometimes make up their own costumes depending on the theme of the dance, or by keeping the costume more simplistic and purchased at retail discount stores. We also recycle and re-use costumes from past years when possible.

28. Costumes are selected by the dance teachers, approved by Miss Maria, and are yours to keep after they have been paid for in full in January and shipped to our studio. Binders of all costumes by class will be on display at the studio in the Spring.

29. Costume refunds are not available under any circumstance including but not limited to injury, illness, dismissal from class, and moving. If we have not been notified in writing prior to December 31 that your child will not be in the recital, and a costume has been ordered for your child, then you will still be charged for the costume. We do not ship out costumes and any costumes not picked up by the last day of dance class for the specific dance season become the property of MMSD.

30. Recital DVDs & flowers will be sold by outside vendors at the recital.

31. A photographer is also scheduled to take photos of your child in their recital costume during the week leading up to the dance recital. Professional photos may be purchased directly from the photographer.

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