Technique Classes

The following dance classes are single discipline classes that are geared towards older students. The classes are more technique focused and help challenge the dancer too. Dance Team classes require the approval of the dance instructor and Miss Maria before enrollment is granted.

Ballet & Pointe

Ballet is the subject most encouraged to any student, as the technique learned in class translates to other forms of dance. Plus, it is the foundation of dance and students can only excel in other styles of dance (except tap & hip hop) having strong ballet technique. Barre work emphasizes alignment, poise, control and proper execution of all steps. Center work emphasizes carriage of body, grace and fluidity, along with performance skills. Across the floor work incorporates jumps, leaps and turns. Prior to allowing a student to begin pointe, an assessment and evaluation is conducted by the instructor. It may be determined that the dancer is not prepared for pointe but they can still enroll in the class if they demonstrate strong ballet technique and may perform the strengthening exercises during class required to eventually practice pointe.


The focus of this class is on the development of musicality, rhythm and coordination. Students will develop an appreciation for timing and body percussion; and learn to use their feet as instruments. Class work will include use of the ballet barre in order to help understand proper weight placement. Center floor exercises help with weight transfer and learning to dance on the balls of your feet.


This class will begin with a full body stretch, focusing on personal awareness of body movements and abilities. Use of isolation work and locomotive progressions include turns, leaps, kicks, and jumps. Memorization skills will be improved while learning short combinations. Different movement themes will be explored through the introduction of various music styles such as blues, lyrical, funky, and classical jazz.


This is an interpretive form of dance that exudes various levels of emotion and feelings. Its history has not been as clearly documented as other styles of dance; however, in the earlier stages, a dancer would perform the lyrics of a song, displaying emotions. Today, there is still emphasis on displaying emotion but in a more abstract way. Lyrical dance includes ballet, jazz, and modern technique.


Contemporary is a popular form of dance that developed in the mid-1970s from modern dance. It is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dance is a genre in its own right, but has become a catch-all phrase that encompasses many different styles of dance under one umbrella.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a culture that was developed by African Americans in the Bronx in mid-1970’s. Hip Hop dance is just one element of the overall culture and encompasses many styles including breaking, popping and locking. Hip hop dance is dynamic and exciting, yet grounded. Our hip hop classes start with a warm-up, working body isolations and stretching, and continues with teaching technique and steps used in dance combinations set to age appropriate hip hop music. Students also share their own moves and improvise in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.


Modern dance initially emerged in the 1920’s and sought to embed raw human emotion within dance differing from the highly stylized and refined technique of ballet. Pioneers of modern dance include Ruth St Denis, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, & Doris Humphrey. The big shift in dance technique between ballet and modern dance lay in the use of the torso, body weight, and the use of the floor by the entire body, not just the feet. The torso is used with greater flexibility and the center of gravity of the body is worked lower to the floor through deeper knee bends, giving modern dance styles a more grounded presence than ballet. However, the common misnomer is that you do not need strong ballet technique to study modern dance. You do and this can be seen in the works of Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, and Lester Horton.

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Welcome to our dance family! We are excited to have you share in our love and passion for dance.
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