Toddler Classes

Creative Movement
(Ages 2-3)

This is a 45-minute class that focuses on the joy of movement. We create a fun-filled world of fantasy dance using an array of movement tools including scarves, ribbons, wands, maracas, and other toddler friendly props. We ask that a parent or guardian remain in the dance room during the first few weeks of class to help the toddler participate & feel comfortable with the dance teacher. After a few weeks of classes, the toddlers establish a rapport with their teacher and can participate attentively without parent involvement. At this point, we encourage parents to observe class from the waiting area so that the toddlers can begin to experience a more robust dance class experience.

Teeny Dancer Ballet
(Ages 3-4)

This is a 45 minute class of creative movement and pre-ballet technique designed to nurture a child’s agility and musicality. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of ballet and learn to follow the teacher’s instructions while working in a supportive environment and interacting with their peers. Both stretching and locomotive progressions are incorporated into this class and props are used as a teaching aide to create a playful, yet educational atmosphere. We utilize both classical ballet music and intersperse it with fun activity songs and Disney music. Parents may observe the class from our waiting room and are invited into the dance room during our special peek weeks.

Teeny Dancer Ballet & Tap
(Ages 4-5)

This is a 60-minute class that builds upon Teeny Dancer Ballet; however, if the dancer is already 4 years old, then they do not need to take Teeny Dancer Ballet prior to taking this class. Children are exposed to more ballet terms and expanded pre-ballet technique. They also receive their first introduction to tap dancing during the last 15 minutes of class. We continue to use props to aide in learning and creative dance and we intersperse dance with games such as freeze dance and hula hoops to keep the toddlers attentive and engaged in class. Even though two styles of dance are taught in this class, children will only perform one dance (either ballet or tap) in their year-end recital.

Hip Hop
(Ages 4-5)

A 45 minute fun and high energy class that introduces the basics of hip hop. Exercises will focus on building and increasing balance, flexibility and core strength & will be done to kid-friendly, energetic music. The children will learn a fun hip hop dance routine to perform in our June recital.

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Welcome to our dance family! We are excited to have you share in our love and passion for dance.

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Welcome to our dance family! We are excited to have you share in our love and passion for dance.
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